Sun Therapy

The Sun is the great enabler
Allowing all life we know to thrive
Live and spread
Like a virus
In favorable light it is the life giver
Sometimes it gives people cancer
Keeping the world from turning into a ball of ice
It’s too hot
The great light in the heavens, purges the darkness
But the Iceman still cometh
For all humanity, living and dead draws reverence
All those who have died have done so under its glare
After we are gone the sun will remain
Someday the sun will explode, engulfing the Earth


Jon E Chan currently lives in New England. He’s been writting as long as he can remember, which isn’t that long come to think of it. His real passion is in poetry. Jon wishes he could sound more interesting or had some useful insight to share. All he can do is to thank-you for reading, and demand with all his due authority that you have a nice day.

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