Step right up!

Step this way!

You've come to see the show!

I know

from the look in your eye

you'd deny coming for the seven virgins and the mule

wouldn't you?

But I've a thing for you.

Yes! You! You with the

discriminating eye, hey?

Step this way!

For you we have

a beauty untamed!

Unnamed! Unframed!

Just behind the curtain!

Call her anything you like

she'll take no notice -- entranced as she is.

Oh, yes, my friend!

Engaged! On stage!


Step in, step in, make room

prepare to swoon

at the sight of

one woman,

one desire

fulfilled! Spilled!


There --

she stands, she leans

forward, reaches out

and claims

(your heart? Your dreams?)

She doesn't even know we're here!

The air is sweet

amidst the dust

as she

takes it

in her two hands;

unshaved, the thick fuzz like fur

stirs her to part her lips

and savor...

not the flavor

--not yet, not yet--

but the perfume, the essence.

Pressing her open mouth

to the skin

you can imagine

how her tongue must be

flat against the flesh.

(For a dollar more, I'll let you see.)

Now quiet! She's about to


And you'll want to hear

clearly the tear

of skin under her teeth

as they sink into the rich flesh.

Watch the juice sluice

between her fingers and thumb






Charmed by her harming, aren't we?

Lifting heavenward that same arm

to lick the nectar.

She directs her

mouth back to the bowl from her bite

and drinks the juice that pools.

As you fools


upon your stools.






Rebecca A Hodgkins is using her writing to support her budding nursing career. When she’s not researching odd diseases, she enjoys tearing the wings off innocent bystanding angels. She is currently looking for a publisher for her novel, "Just Another Love Letter."

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