The Irrational eye twitches as it pans the room
Thirsty for every detail pertaining to its master
Focus bounces up and down as it cannot settle
There is no reason to fear. No calamity at hand
                          No reason
                          No reason
                          No reason
   No Reason
White face paint is the base, there's a purity to it
To turn that frown upside down even, even if he
has to hold you by your ankles.  Smile, be happy
The Irrational eye will arrive soon.  Maybe at you.
                    A small peach Melba
               Whirlwind of toothy laughter
                    Red on white glamor
Life is like a child's birthday party, and you are a child too
You attend if you like it or not. Whether or not you have fun
Depends on interactions with others.  There are rules, that the
clown oversees.  For he has put on a face and feet of inhumanity.
There is no peace unless you play the clown's game
Rules are be happy.  Smile for the flashes.
March to the tune of the clown
If only for no reason's sake. Like for clown shoes.


Jon E Chan currently lives in New England. He’s been writting as long as he can remember, which isn’t that long come to think of it. His real passion is in poetry. Jon wishes he could sound more interesting or had some useful insight to share. All he can do is to thank-you for reading, and demand with all his due authority that you have a nice day.

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