“Is everyone here? Corporate? Development? Marketing? Finance? Marg, has everyone been scanned for phones, BlackBerries? All the confidentiality agreements have been signed? We’re good to go, then. Brass, you can open.”

“Okay, folks, our group has been tasked to move on the new PPM brand: permanent, personal modification. In two months, tattoos will be out. Done. Over. We’re pulling all media and programming—L.A. Ink, Get Inked—all of them. We have a new product we’re very excited about. It’s called PiloStyle. Rush from Product Development will give you a brief description of the product and the target group.”

“PiloStyle will be the new ‘It’ look for 11-25 year olds. Essentially, we’re making acne a beautiful thing. We’ve isolated a natural ingredient from our very own dyewood shrub here in the desert. Injected in small quantities subcutaneously in a nutrient gel, minute red flowers will blossom on the skin surface. Totally disguises the ugly pimples. You can imagine the potential for artistry here. Stoker, Marketing has a comment?”

“That’s genius. Absolute genius. It’s all natural?”

“One hundred percent. The product is derived from the wildflower pilostyles—pronounced pie-Los-to-lez—thurberi, a native of the Sonoran Desert. It’s all-American, folks. ”

“So exciting. So, Rush, what aspects of this will Marketing need to manage?”

“Small circular scars once the flowers fall off. No worse than acne scars. You can spin that?”

“No problem. Is there potential for synergy with our other injectables? The B-tox line, for example? It would muddy the waters, so to speak, should there be—ah—issues downstream.”

“Great idea, follow up on that with Development. Jane, did you have a question? Jane is our new rep from Legal.”

“I’d have to double check this, but isn’t the pilostyles plant a parasite in nature? I’m concerned about what happens when it runs out of the nutrient gel injected into these teenaged hosts.”

“Settle down, folks. Jane hasn’t had a chance to enjoy the high quality and extensive testing of any of our injectable products just yet. In the meantime, Jane, we try to curtail our negative language in this setting. It gives us the business edge, if you know what I mean. See Marg after the meeting for more information. Now our time’s up. You know what to do, people. Marg, may I see you privately.”

“Yes, boss?”

“It’s clear that Jane’s credentials weren’t thoroughly vetted prior to her being hired. On the QT, of course, see that Jane gets a dose from one of our inert product line before she leaves the building.”


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