Kobolds! word the Damn

    full bleeds and whitespace
And I must begin again on the white page.
Then late at night,
    have found my writer’s notebook.
I work so hard on my craft,
            damn them!  The word kobolds.
    placing each word with care,
                past 3 or 4 AM, when writers finally fall asleep,
    poised to deliver that special bam!
in they creep:  the damn word kobolds!
    each sentence a finely tuned instrument  
        Fonts, kerning, hanging indents—all for naught!
Kobolds. word the damn


Helen E. Kourous  Helen E. Kourous's website is an engineer and mom who writes between the interstices in space-time created by too much garlic. She doesn’t believe in FTL but does believe in the indomitable human spirit and will to survive will take us to the stars one day. She lives in the pleasant peninsula of Michigan, and was once eaten by a grue.

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