An Arachnologist's Confession

She dances beneath an upturned glass, her legs spread wide for all the world to see.

I watch her glide across the clear surface, pinching the air, making silent prayers. Silver threads coil around her feet, crisscrossing ribbon trails with every step. She watches me, eyes aglow with hate. I watch her, hand inside my pants.

I imagine her caressing my neck, making giant tides in my sensory riverbed. I imagine her sinking into my flesh—her venom, my blood, merging into one.

She thinks she’s in there while I’m out here, but truth is, we’re in the same space. I keep her in a glass prison. She keeps me in between her legs.

It’s a marriage.


Lydia Kurnia  Lydia Kurnia's website lives in Sydney, Australia, in a house by the beach. Her work has appeared in Everyday Weirdness, Quantum Kiss, Abandoned Towers, Shine Journal, Haruah: Breath of Heaven, Short Story.Me, Art&Prose, Whispering Spirits Digital Magazine, and Moon Drenched Fables. When she doesn’t write, she spends her time on music composition, video editing, 3D animation and photography. You can find her media projects on her website.

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