On Truids and their Effect on Civilizations

In olden times the Truids number was many. Their kind and kindred far outnumbered the faeries and pixies and others of their sort. Truids prefer mountain meadows and high deserts, but could be found most anywhere. The areas they like least were along rivers and near swamps. Diminutive, by any measure, Truids range in size from no larger than a fly to the size of a single peanut. Long, wispy hair—soft as flower petals, top a pixie-like face. The body is slender, the wings like a damsel-fly. Truids prefer small groups to large and rarely are alone.

Not magical like faeries and such, Truids only real trick—if that’s the proper term—is that in the presence of as little as a few dozen of them, folks are inclined to be truthful. It seems that Truids have some effect on the brain chemistry of those in close contact with them. Those “feel good” chemicals, endorphins, or some such substance as that.

Now, strange as it may seem, Truids have been blamed over the centuries as the root cause of the fall of many a civilization back as far as Kush, Egypt, Babylon, you name it.

Now the family of man has tended to settle along rivers, lakes, and such—places not favored by Truids—and great cities and capitals of men are often found along rivers, in olden times just as today.

And to tell the truth, the princes and rulers of ancient civilizations like Kush, were no better at the truth than the politicians of today. But if Truids happened by, well then, let me tell you—troubles come to great and powerful governments when they start speaking truths—And, oh, my-my! What troubling times come then!

So way back when—maybe the Babylonians or Persian/Medes—began to hunt down and destroy the Truids—lest those great powers come to Doom. But Truth is difficult to face when your heart is black—even if you’re still bent on destroying it.

But Truids and Men, even good men, have never tolerated one another’s company very well. Fact is, that’s one reason the Truids like the high deserts so well, not lowlands or riverbanks. But, even so, every few centuries or so the Truids seem to have to swarm. And when they swarm, they swarm to river valleys—and therefore come in contact with men. And then trouble commences because folks start speaking truth—and worse— feeling good about it!

Now, quite often, it isn’t so very harmful—truth telling, that is. But the real problem begins if the Truids swarm into some government center or regional capital. For you see when the powerful politicians begin to speak the truth—and feel good about it—nations collapse.

And you don’t have to believe me—just look at History. Time and time again nations have fallen as soon as their leaders began to admit what they were up to.

And it’s been well over a century since the Truids last swarmed—across the River Thames, that was—and look now what happened to the Empire where the sun never sat! So don’t go thinking the Potomac’s completely immune to the Truth—hard as that is to believe, for I myself, have seen Truids in the Maryland hills—and one of those swarms are well past due.


Editor’s Corner


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