Urban Paranormal

It seemed so simple—leave your small town,
Take a one-way bus to the big city,
Spend your last dollars on leather pants
That fit snug, show every curve.
You get a business phone, pay as you go.
You choose a name
(Vixy. Anita. Morgan. Jasmine.)
And you put an ad on Craigslist
Under Services. Paranormal. Available.

You play the waiting game in a ninth floor walkup
With your three roommates
(Bast. Kitty. Veronique.)
You talk about the run, the chase,
The demon you saw by the bodega.
Or catching the eye of the Prince of The City
Who lives uptown anyway.

At night, you sit home in leathers,
Eat ramen. Cup O’Soup. Peanut butter crackers.
Plan spells. Sharpen swords.
Crack wise to empty air.
You check email and watch TV
As sharply as you watch the phone
To see the moment destiny calls.


Editor’s Corner


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