All over the earth the voice was heard and understood. Apparently issued from the air, it was heard by all. Even the babies seemed to silence and listen to the voice.

“This is really awkward. I can see that you’ve developed sentience. Oh dear. Well at least you haven’t developed krastilience. That’s something. If you’d developed that, well then I would really have been in trouble. Couldn’t turn it off then, you see.”

A voice of resonance, that spoke into the soul of each of us. It was the voice that we had been waiting to hear all of our lives.

“I suppose I owe you all an apology. I forgot about you, you see. Put you aside and turned to one of my other experiment. Quite an interesting experiment, actually, I should be seeing the results of that very soon. But it really was unforgivable of me to forget about you.”

We stood and waited. We held our breath in expectation of His revelation. All over the world, all was quiet and still.

“And you just kept on growing and developing. Well, good for you. But now, I’m going to have to switch off the incubator. Sorry. But rules are rules. I really am terribly sorry . . .”

He switched the sun off.

What on earth is krastilience? We have eight minutes to develop it.


Deborah Walker can often be found in the British Museum, nicking ideas from ancient cultures. She writes horror, sci fi and fantasy. Her most recent acceptances are from Champagne Shivers, Scifaikuest and Outshine.

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