Everyday Weirdness Submissions

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” Albert Camus

Everyday Weirdness is an online magazine that will bring you morsels of weirdness, every day. Every day a new short story (flash fiction), poem, comic, artwork, audio, and/or animation will be published, that can be read or viewed in about 5 minutes.

Submission Guidelines


Everyday Weirdness is a flash fiction market. For writing that means short poems (limericks, haiku, senryu, couplets, and sonnets) and short stories under 1,000 words. For audio and video, that means short clips, under 5 minutes. We look for images that we can distribute as wallpaper downloads (1920x1200, 1600x1200, & 320x480).


What’s weirder than a random collection of molecules suddenly, and inexplicably, gaining sentience—and even sapience? No matter what you send, make sure that tomorrow will be different than today.

I currently have an affinity for “mundane” weird, however, I want to see the full gamut, from “mundane” weird to “post-singularity-across-the-galaxy-weird-from-another-dimension.”


First Electronic (exclusive for three months) + Anthology rights.


Unsolicited submissions are paid the current rate of $5.42 per article (which includes 42¢ to defray the cost of mailing the contract), payable by Paypal only. Credit may be donated back to the magazine or used to purchase Everyday Weirdness fund-drive items at half-price.


Everyday Weirdness is currently closed. Any works previously submitted that we haven’t responded to are hereby released.

Editorial Calendar 2009


1st: New Year’s
6th: Ashura
13th: Lohri
14th: Makar Sankranti
15th: Pongal
19th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
26th: Chinese New Year
26th: Mauni Amavasya
31st: Vasant Panchami


1st: Imbolc
2nd: Groundhog’s Day
14th: St. Valentine’s Day
23rd: Mahashivratri
24th: Mardi Gras


4th: The Death of Franz Marc
8th: Daylight Savings Begins
9th-10th: Purim
11th: Holi
15th: The Death of H.P. Lovecraft
17th: St. Patrick’s Day
20th: Vernal Equinox, Ostara


1st: April Fool’s Day
3rd: Ram Navmi
6th: Bikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year)
8th-15th: Passover
9th: Hanuman Jayanti
12th: Easter
13th: Cambodian New Year, Baisakhi
22nd: Earth Day
27th: Akshaya Tritiya
30th: Beltane


2nd: Buddha’s Birthday
5th: Cinco de Mayo
9th: Vesak
10th: Mother’s Day
18th: Victoria Day


2nd: Ganga Dussehra
21st: Summer Solstice, Father’s Day, Litha
24th: Rath Yatra


1st: Canada Day
4th: U.S. Independence Day
7th: Guru Purnima
13th-15th: Bon Festival


1st: Lughnasadh
5th: Rakhi /Raksha Bandhan
6th: Mid-Sha’aban
14th: Sri Krishna Janmashtami
22nd (to September 20th): Ramadan
23rd: Ganesh Chaturathi


2nd: Onam
16th: Mexico Independence Day
18th: Rosh Hashanah
19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day
19th-27th: Navratras
21st: Eid ul-Fitr
22nd: Autumnal Equinox, Mabon
27th: Yom Kippur
28th: Dussehra


2nd-10th: Sukkot
8th: Karva Chauth
10th: Simchat Torah
12th: Columbus Day, Canada Thanksgiving
15th: Dhan Teras
17th: Diwali
18th: Govardhan Puja
19th: Bhai Duj
31st: Halloween, Samhain


1st: Daylight Savings Ends
11th: Veteran’s Day
26th: U.S. Thanksgiving
27th-30th: Eid al-Adha


11th-19th: Chanukah
17th: Wright Brother’s Day
18th: Islamic New Year
21st: Winter Solstice, Yule
25th: Xmas
26th: Boxing Day
26th (to January 1st): Kwanzaa
31st: New Year’s Eve

† Send reports of other major national and religious holidays to N.E. Lilly editor@everydayweirdness.com