Brought to Light

Beneath the waters,
Ebb and flow,
The receding tide,
Leaves behind,
Trapped in a rock pool,
Like offerings to a demented God,
Condemned to die.

Drowning in the unblinking gaze
Of a summer sun,
The light evaporates,
Water into hazy sky.
Tiny bodies huddle close,
Mouths puckered into silent screams,
Failing to gulp oxygen from air.

Nymphs and larvae,
Dart amongst the empty pockets,
Of a waterlogged anorak.
From an unlaced shoe,
A leather tongue protrudes,
Like a panting dog,
Dying in the heat.

An open mouth,
Yawns slack-jawed grin.
Fish-chewed fingers,
Hold nothing within.
Risen from the depths,
Staring blindly at the sun,
Is brought to light,
The uncovered corpse,
Of a drowned child,
Seaweed for hair.

Jagged stones upthrust from sand like bones,
Pebble shards grind like tearing teeth,
Uncovering buried secrets.
Meat beneath the sand.

A mother’s tears,
Are mixed with salt,
Crystallizing within the depths.
A new life,
This child of grief is born,
Dragging itself ashore,
On brittle legs.

The beach turns over in its sleep,
Its shingle grinds against dead flesh,
And two dozen policemen,
And a hundred press,
Descend the promenade,
Like seagulls, hunting for scraps.


Editor’s Corner

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