I’m Better Now

I talk to my neighbor, Mrs. Yasovich. She’s really nice to me now. We talk about our gardens; she likes the plants that I gave her.

She used to not be so nice. She would call the cops when I danced naked under the sprinklers, and played my violin on the roof, and even that time that I painted my house purple. She doesn’t understand, I just do what my guides tell me to do; I’m not hurting anyone. My guides have always talked to me and helped me out in life. I do things differently from most people, but that’s the way I’m supposed to be; that’s what my guides say. They say I have a purpose, a mission, a destiny that’s not clear to me right now, but if I stay on the path, I’ll discover what it is. People tell me that my guides aren’t real, but I know they are. I see them, I hear them, I smell them. I touch them, and they touch me. They’ve been around for a long time, that’s what they told me.

Mrs. Yasovich doesn’t care; she just wants me to act normal. That’s why she called those people and told them I was dangerous to myself and society, the last time that I decorated my house with beach balls. They came and took me away.

But I’m much better now, since my stay at the “behavioral care facility”. Everybody says so. I tried really hard to take my medications every day and check in with my counselor once a month. But when I took the pills, my guides were hard to understand, their voices were muffled. So I mostly don’t take them, only now and then when I feel very anxious. I have to act like everyone else and sometimes ignore what my guides are telling me to do. I like how I feel when I go with my own flow, and I like doing the things I do; if only Mrs. Yasovich would leave me alone! Why should I have to put out my flame to please others?

Things are going to get better though. My guides told me. Won’t Mrs. Yasovich be surprised when the cops come to visit HER, alerted by an anonymous concerned citizen, and arrest her for growing marijuana? She’ll deny it, but that’s what’s growing in her back yard. And once they dig up the plants in her yard they will find that special fertilizer that made them grow so big and tall; pieces of her husband that have been buried there for awhile. She told everyone that he left her and moved away, but I knew that wasn’t true. They were always fighting, and she has a bad temper. My guides showed me right where he was buried, so I made sure to put a few seeds in that spot. The plants are sprouting so tall! My guides make the ground fertile. They’ve always helped me out; I’m not going to send them away just to make everyone else happy.

So I guess Mrs. Yasovich will be in big trouble. I don’t think she will be coming back to the neighborhood any time soon, and I can go back to living the way I want to, listening to my guides, following my path.

I’m glad I’m better now.


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