Relics of a Carnival

Memories rise from the folds
of her wooden gown
as she stands on a broken float,
its tattered canopy hanging in forlorn rags.

Her painted face, cracked and dirty,
watches over a graveyard of rusted frames,
dead machines, and twisted cables.

Something brought her back to this place.
Awoken by a sound after all this time
of being alone, she still stands
a statuesque queen atop her float.

Behind the crumbling carousel
a muted neighing can be heard
and the ghostly figure of a white horse,
once intricately painted and gilded,
slowly rises on stiff and weather-worn legs.

A loud crack and the screech
of rusted nails drawn from wood.
The heavy thud of hooves.

Then the moonlit glimmer
of a ghostly horse and its regal rider
disappearing into the distance
of another plane.


Marina Lee Sable has poems appearing or are forthcoming in The Pedestal Magazine, Strange Horizons, Dreams of Decadence, Paper Crow, OG's Speculative Fiction, Basement Stories, Ghostlight, Kaleidotrope, Fifth Di..., Illumen, Death Rattle, Cover of Darkness, and Shelter of Daylight.

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