Neighborly Vices

“It’s blooming,” she brought to attention
sweeping the sawdust
from the foyer
“Its scent roused me from my
hazelnut bath last evening”

“Sloughing off the old dead cells,” I laughed
knowing her après-kill rituals
so well by now

“Go outside and see
Smell it beneath the
Rain’s delicate glimmer”

I had to pacify her
Her worries bordering obsession
Swish swish swish
Inspecting the house’s foundation
Soothed by her still sweeping

Too much blood
In her coffee, must be
For what the hell does she think –

But, nope, there it is
The thorny sprouts breaking soil
Through the dew
Their pungency in
Fine military lineup

I told her not to be so brazen
In front of the neighbors
Making fashion statements
With corner lip
Flaunting her city bravado

I told her here
In the country
They don’t just
Not give a damn

Here they still dive into
Grandma’s legendary remedies

They could have
Put up a fence

She can sweep all she
Wants now
Won’t be having too
Many guests

Unless the rabbits
Develop a fondness
For garlic


Editor’s Corner