I, Meteor

I have been waiting for this, a million years.

Of silence, observing, listening, learning about you. This is what we were born to do. This, we do for you.

My journey begins. I’m released into the stars. As I fly through a maze of shimmering silver dust, I think of you. I will save you. The path I travel narrows and swells, through dark velvet—punctured and beautiful. My flesh crackles in blisters of delight. My heart soars beneath my chest.

I am sore with thoughts of you.

I fly, another million years, until I see it: the round blue thing. Golden fragments adorn the surface just beneath the floating white. My body shreds as I enter your milieu. The heat of it, ah, it scorches right through me like … love. Beautiful. This pain, there’s nothing like it.

I will take it away. I will save you. All of it. Away.

I keep shredding.

Until I see you: odd little humans. You look more brittle than I imagined. But I know you. I’ve known you for a long time.

You lift your head, watch me plunge my way to you. Then your finger, pointing. You see me now as I see you. You shout—those stunning ineffable sounds, spilling out of your lips, into the core of my heart. You fill me. Faster. Firmer. Louder, as a horde of you gather to see.

My welcoming party, breaking in chaos, dancing for me.

I want to wave, but I don’t know how in your language. I have come for you. I will take your pain away. What you have suffered will cease with me: your war, disease, catastrophe. All of it.

I will save you.

You don’t understand me. I’m just a rock, dead in your world.

I kiss the crust of your home with fierce vehemence. The perfect union—bright and impressive. I burst to a thousand pieces. You burst to a thousand pieces. The heat. The cries. The pain. The… love. It’s beautiful, slicing through me like sweet miasma. So much. Too much. I cannot contain it.

I feel it: yours and mine, all the pain commingled into one. My blazing shards burn through your flesh, I feel you leaving, lifting into the sky.

I have saved you, taken your pain away. All of it. Away.

Silence surrounds me. I wait. Another million years ’till my brothers come.


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