A Girl’s First Time

Sunny saw him for the first time last week. He had caught her eye as she was leaving class one afternoon.

Tall and handsome with an unruly shock of sandy blond hair, he immediately stood out to her. It was his eyes that held her attention though, piercing blue pools that seemed to mesmerize the very soul of her.

The guy had flashed a dazzling smile, then faded in with the other students as they pooled through the hallways in search of their afternoon freedom.

Sunny had made her way back to her dorm room in a daze. The guy’s image dancing through her mind, flirting with her imagination as she thought of all the possibilities he might offer her.

The next day, she saw him again. He was leaning against a car in the parking lot outside of the book store where she worked.

As he saw Sunny, his eyes had twinkled with mischief as he slipped into his car and pulled out of the parking lot before she could even react.

Sunny began to see more and more of him around. Everywhere she went, she thought she would see a glimpse of those enticing blue eyes calling to her. Her heart fluttered at that thought. This was new. Sunny had never quite felt like this before. Her mother had always told her that when she had found the one, Sunny would know. Was this it? Was he really the one?

Sunny decided to ask around about him. She was curious as to what her friends might know about this guy who made her pulse race so much faster.

Sunny soon found out that his name was Alex and that he had been asking around about her for some time now. She was excited yet hesitant about this. Her friends had warned her that he seemed a little obsessive about her.

Sunny wanted him to be the one, but she knew you had to be careful who you trusted in this day and age.

The roses on her doorstep as she opened her dorm room door one morning, were what had finally won her over. How could a guy who left red roses for you to find first thing in the morning be bad?

Sunny had found him just where his note said he would be; in the cafeteria waiting with a cup of hot coffee in his hands, just for her.

Sunny’s mind swam as they sat and chatted over breakfast. It seemed too good to be true. Every fiber of her being was telling her that Alex was the one.

Their date that night seemed to reaffirm that. Alex was perfect in every way it seemed, only flawed by the fact that he seemed to really like her.

How could Sunny have gotten so lucky? Her ideal guy was actually here and willing to be with her.

They had become inseparable after that, spending every ounce of free time that they had together. Alex’s attention never wavered, almost bordering on compulsion at times, but Sunny didn’t mind it. She knew he was the one.

Soon, every time she was with Alex, one thought would play over and over through her mind. Sunny wanted him to be her first. She knew it would have to be soon too, or she would go crazy from the want.

Sunny set about planning everything. Her parents were going out of town. Their house would be totally empty. It would be the perfect place to take Alex and experience what she had been waiting for all her life.

The night had finally arrived. Sunny had spent hours upon hours turning her parent’s home into the perfect backdrop for her evolution into what she was meant to be. Sunny would enter this night as a scared girl, but emerge from it as a woman capable of taking on the world. It was all because of her Alex, he made her feel as if she could do anything. It was time to experience the ultimate with her first, her Alex.

Everything had gone smoothly as Alex eagerly agreed to accompany her back to her parent’s house. The twinkle in his eye never fading as she led him into the place of her metamorphosis.

It was time. Sunny’s heart pounded as she anticipated the night ahead of her and of the wondrous act her and Alex was about to share.

Sunny smiled. Her mother had always told her that you never forget your first time, and as she carried her sharpened blades towards the back room where Alex was bound and gagged, Sunny sincerely hoped that old adage indeed proved true.


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