Colossal Volunteers

                “Good evening, Mr. President,” a sexy voice drawled from a sofa in the oval office.

“How did you get in here,” a weary President demanded while pressing a button under his desk, but nothing happened.
“Don’t worry, I’m here to help you,” she said as she slowly rose to her feet.  “They’ve demanded a cross section of the Earth’s population, and you’re looking for volunteers. But you know that’s just the beginning. They’ll be back.”
“How can you help?” he asked.
She smiled, her fangs exposed, “I’ve a group of volunteers for you, a very special section of the population.”  
“You’re not real and I don’t have time for games,” the President stated.
In an instant she was next to the President, “I’m very real, and you know it. We’ve been inspiring nightmares since the beginning of time.”
The President dropped into his chair and stared at the beautiful monster.
“Won’t you burst into flames up there?” not quite believing the surreal conversation.
“That will scare them just as much as if I don’t burst into flames,” she laughed and leaned in closer. “But it won’t just be my kind. There will be a cross section of all things that go bump in the night.”
“I can’t believe I’m considering this, but how many volunteers in your group,” the President asked.
“There are fifty of us. Let us help make sure they have no desire to return,” she said darkly.
He nodded and said, “Be at Bolling in two days.”


Editor’s Corner

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