Coloring within the Lines

On my way to school
I found a little pool

of blood. I followed
drops of dark red clots

that led me to a man
in chalk. I really can

improve this art, I thought.
(I hoped I wasn't caught.)

I took out some colored chalk
and knelt upon the cold sidewalk

An eye appeared and then a nose
I drew his fingers and his toes

In not too long I had him dressed;
it seemed to be his Sunday best:

a purple shirt and yellow pants,
bright blue shoes so he could dance.

I stood to view my rainbow guy,
so very sad he had to die.


Patricia La Barbera  Patricia La Barbera's website is the author of a mystery novella, "THE CELTIC CROW MURDERS." Her work has been published in Flash Me Magazine, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, BluePrint Review, Flutter, House of Horror, With Painted Words, Emerald Tales, and Big Pulp. She lives in the Florida Keys with her husband.

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