Pink Cockroaches

The pink cockroaches were singing again. They had obviously spent the night in my liquor cabinet. I knew this because little shot glasses of bourbon were scattered over the floor and one of the cockroaches was trying to do a belly shot on an ant.

Their high voices made my ears ring. I wanted to ask them to stop, but I was afraid of being rude. They were here before I was. So I sat in my corner and watched with mild amusement as they clumsily fell around my living room floor.

The leader went up to me and asked me a question in French. I apologized for not knowing any French and he apologized for not knowing any English, I think. He was still speaking French when he did it.

I finally went back to bed after he left to do his body shot off of the ant. I figured that they would clean up in the morning after they had sobered up and I would have funny stories to tell my neighbors. All in all, it was a good weekend.


Editor’s Corner

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