A Tape Found on a Dead World

“Good evening, America. If you are hearing my voice, then the end has begun. These are the last words you will ever hear citizens of your country. These are the first words welcoming you to your new life as soldiers of the Empire.

“No doubt, you can hear mass movement in the streets. These are the Liberators, moving amongst your houses in search of disloyal opposition. No doubt you can also hear panic and screaming. That is the disloyal opposition.

“In the morning, the disloyal opposition will either be crushed, or routed. At this time we will sound the all-clear, and you may emerge to greet the Warders, who will organize you for transportation to the rallying point of your population center. There, the Intervention Groups will explain what is to come next.

“If you would survive this night, and join the Empire, then it is imperative that you protect yourself against the Liberators. Those who do not will perish.

“First, go indoors and seek shelter, preferably in your basement or attic. If you are in a dwelling without them, then lock yourselves into a room with as few windows as possible, such as a bathroom. Barricade the door if you can. If you have a firearm, bring it.

“Douse all lights and candles, as the Liberators most often seek out light and heat. Close your blinds or drapes if you have them, otherwise stay out of sight of your windows. Make as little sound as possible.

“Do not look outside until the all-clear has been sounded, most likely tomorrow morning. This is imperative. No matter what you hear, do not leave your shelters. No matter who screams or begs for help, do not leave your shelters. And do not fire upon the Liberators, or their Warders will fire upon you.

“If you think your dwelling has been invaded, turn off the radio and remain as quiet as possible. Do not try to drive them from your home—there are too many of them. Do not cry out for help—it will not be responded to by the Warders.

“If your hiding place should be found, you have our condolences. The firearm should be used to dispatch your family quickly and without pain. Save your loved ones the horror and pain of death at the Liberators’ hands. They will be brutal, and possibly slow, depending on how hungry they are.

“This message will continue to repeat until the all-clear sounds…”


Editor’s Corner


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