One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days
that’s just like all those other,
One of those days?

And end up in all the same places
that you always visit during,
One of those days?

And you run into the same people
With the same expressions on their faces
that you always see,
On one of those days?

And did you ever hear the exact conversations
that you overheard before
by those same people
That you saw,
On one of those days?

And have you been ready to
pull your hair out,
 just like you always do,
when you’re having, 
 One of those days?

So, you run home and
jump under the covers.
Only to toss and turn
just like you've always done after having,
One of those days.

Then, while drifting off to sleep,
You hope tomorrow will be different
But when you wake…

It’s just another one of those days
Just like all those other,
one of those days.



Editor’s Corner

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