Music Unheard

Sweet sounds, begone—
   Whose music on my ear
Stirs foolish discontent
   Or lingering here;
When, if I crossed
   The crystal verge of death,
Him I should see.
   Who these sounds murmureth.

Sweet sounds, begone—
   Ask not my heart to break
Its bond of bravery for
   Sweet quiet’s sake;
Lure not my feet
   To leave the path they must
Tread on, unfaltering,
   Till I sleep in dust.

Sweet sounds, begone!
   Though silence brings apace
Deadly disquiet
   Of this homeless place;
And all I love
   In beauty cries to me,
“We but vain shadows
   And reflections be.”


Walter de la Mare was an English poet, short story writer and novelist, probably best remembered for his works for children and “The Listeners.”

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