Telling Tales with Teeth

 “Daddy, I made a friend at school. Her name is Kelly.”

“That’s wonderful, sweetheart. I’m glad you’re getting to know people at your new school.”

“Kelly’s a vampire.”

“Now, Sarah, don’t go telling tales. It’s not nice to make up stories about people.”

“No, it’s true! She’s a vampire! She hates garlic. She won’t eat it at all. When it’s Italian day in the cafeteria, she has to bring her own lunch.”

“Honey, just because she doesn’t like garlic doesn’t mean she’s a vampire. Some people don’t like strong tastes. And some people have allergies …”

“It’s not just that. She always smells like coconuts ‘cause her mom puts heaps and heaps of sunblock on her. So the light doesn’t get her!”

“That’s hardly proof either. Some children are very fair-skinned and have to wear sunscreen all the time. Now you really shouldn’t be going around telling people that your friend is a vampire when she’s just a nice normal little girl. “

“But she is a vampire, Daddy! I promise she is.”

“Sarah, can you give me any definitive proof that your friend is a vampire?”

“Um … well …”


“Mum mumble mumbleek.”

“What’s that?”

“I bit her last week.”


Editor’s Corner

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