Nasty in the Cupboard

There were stray ghosts in the cupboard. Little Angelina, ‘Angel Cupcake’ to most of her family, heard them scrounging around after everyone was asleep.

She crept as if she herself were a phantom, ducking the moonbeams hovering above the stairs. Her hand shook a violent turn before grabbing the knob to unleash the spirits. Nothing stirred the darkness.

At first.

Then the plates made such a fuss that Angelina’s whole family awoke. Dusty, mottled ghosts spilled from the cupboard like fog, inching closer. But when Angelina’s father finally turned on the kitchen light, the ghosts were gone.

As was she.


Christian Berntsen  Christian Berntsen's website resides somewhere on Long Island, where he writes his manifesto and is learning to live. He owns eight fish—three of which are missing a left eye each, and a fourth suspected of murder. Best not to ask. His work has appeared in Clean Sheets, Black Lantern Publishing and 50 to 1.

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