Cold War Spies and Templar Treasures

Cold war spies and Templar treasures
are buried in my basement,
and I have scuttled through the secret tunnels
of mystic Agarttha to find them.

There is no sun to illuminate
the chasms and caverns beneath the surface
where rebellious angels
are bound in chains
until the day when Jacques de Molay
returns, riding upon a haycart.

I have made the necessary preparations
as outlined by the John Birch Society.
Communists and Socialists have
conspired with Fascists and Jews
but I won’t be fooled;
             I won’t be seduced
by the lure of Russian mail-order brides
and Turkish coffee.

The moon landing was a fake,
the Lucifarians at NASA (Order of Phosphorus)
used left-handed magick to hide their real intent:
summoning Asmodeus and his reptilian hordes
in order to form a New World Ordo Templi Orientis.

Aleister Crowley was a spy for British Intelligence
but he was a double agent;
he never betrayed the Old Ones who live below.


Editor’s Corner

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