One Life of Rain

wet raindroppity bodies
hit the windshield
splash and kersplat
from their journey
down into a strange new world
little bitty droplets or fat puddles
the size of the tippy top of my thumb
do they know they will
meet this life’s rainy end sooner
than their liquid brothers and sisters
who continue falling into the street
and the mini lakes there
related water
falling from Hindu
puffy gray mom and pop
Adam and Eve clouds
over and over
born live die
born live die
born baby particles
let fly
crash down
baby speckles break from drops
as they splash squash watery faces
to stare at me through the glass
and they move perpetually down
in slavery to gravity
touching each other, bumpity
their drippy friends
along the way, changing courses
marrying or joining
to make long fluid snakes of rain travels
rain on my car
and they just wait
for the grim reaper wipers
to send them away again.


Amber Vilate  Amber Vilate's website is excited to have her work included in Everyday Weirdness. She's had several poems published on multiple sites, and runs a successful podcast reviewing books for children and teens - Young Adult Literature Review. The website and podcast, as well as her blog, take up much of her free time, however, she's also fond of reading, crocheting, and playing Scrabble.

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