In the summer I would snooze by the pond. I would listen to the fish and I would listen to

the birds.

And my dreams would speak to me in great globules of the brightest imaginable colours.

After a while charged by the heat of the sun I would become dizzy, high, ecstatic.

My body would thrash around in the reeds and I would scream in ecstasy. I would gulp

down the filthy pond water sampling it like a fine wine on my tongue.

And like liquid fire it would burn its way down into my belly. Burning, burning, eating into

my brain turning my blood into liquid fire within my veins.

“Jupiter” I would shout. “Jupiter feeeeeed on me”. And sure enough Jupiter would emerge

from the murky depths snarling and slathering.

For Jupiter had a taste for human flesh.

Jupiter had a taste for pain and anguish.

Jupiter was my saviour, my lover, my one and only shining star.


Editor’s Corner


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