The Alien Attack

The Aliens had dropped into polar orbit directly from hyperspace, sending out “we come in peace” signals. Their diplomatic delegation spent weeks on-planet negotiating trade agreements and spaceport leases.

During the negotiations, the polar orbits began filling up with Alien warships and military hardware including battle cruisers, destroyers, corvettes, fighters, troop carriers and assorted support vessels.

The trade negotiations bogged down on one point: access to our world’s limited oil reserves. Petroleum is a rare and vital commodity throughout the known galaxy and the Aliens are in desperate need of it to run their economy. Our trade negotiators played hardball wanting concessions for stardrive technology and null field generators.

When trade talks ceased, the Aliens commenced relentless bombardment of our military bases and airfields. Our military was unprepared and the aliens committed wholesale slaughter of both military and civilian targets.

The last words of our dying president were, “Fucking humans!”


C.K. Byrrd is a professional engineer by training and experience, and he enjoys writing as a hobby. He lives with his wife, two dogs and two cats near the center of Gator nation in Florida.

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