The Inheritors

Dinosaurs ruled for 150 million years
then they grew feathers

became fat and dull. Pigeons.
Sure, some became eagles and condors;
But how many more robins, grackles
and starlings trill and coo and stare
waiting patiently for us to give it all back?

New Yorkers have reported pigeons
entering and exiting subway cars
in a purposeful manner.

I’ve seen them milling around
teller machines, trying hard to look stupid
and meek.

Also in the news:
London scientists report drastically reduced
sperm counts in many men born after 1970.
U.S. teen pregnancy rates are falling
for the first time ever.
I smell our doom in the air,
mellow winter smoke.

Pigeons have figured out trains,
they’re working on long distance phone calls,
and television remotes,
while we fade,

just fade.
Lost in a conspiracy of feathers.


Editor’s Corner

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