Buy Now, Pay Later

“Sure you can take it now,” the salesperson said. “Buy now, pay later. That’s our motto.”

Drew walked around the showroom again and looked at each cryotank again. He selected two young women and gave their order numbers to the salesperson.

“Okay, now you can read the contract if you like or I can give you the general gist of it. That is, unless you want to pay upfront. In which case, there is no need for contracts at all.”

“How much for the two again?”

“Ten thousand each or fifteen thousand for the two.”

“I only have nine g’s but I’ve always wanted to have two women. Get the contract ready.”

The salesperson produced a mobile hand pad and keyed in some data then handed it to Drew. Drew placed his hand on it and it extracted a drop of blood.

“Okay, the contract is sealed now. You can collect your purchase in the holding pen.”

Drew proceeded straight to the basement and saw his purchases on the CCTV screens. He released the door to their holding pen and watched eagerly as the two naked and groggy women stumbled out into the labyrinth. After selecting a range of sharp and blunt weapons, Drew entered the labyrinth to hunt his prey.

“Yes,” said the salesperson to the next customer entering the display room. “We have just acquired the contract on a forty year old male in good physical condition.”

He looked at the monitor and saw Drew closing in on the women.

“We should have your order in within the hour,” the salesperson smiled. “Will that be cash or contract?”


Editor’s Corner

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