Daddy’s Girl

She has her Daddy’s eyes
In a jar up in her room
It took a while to dig them up
Because she’d used a spoon

She has her Daddy’s hair
And with it his whole scalp
She hacked it off with a dull steak knife
But knew a sharper one might help

She has the rest of her Daddy’s parts
Stored in an air-tight drum
She fancies herself a Daddy’s girl
But she looks more like her Mum


Mark Leslie  Mark Leslie's website lives in Hamilton, Ontario and spends his days as a bookseller for an independent campus bookstore. He spends his pre-dawn and post-twilight hours writing and is a member of HWA. Mark’s short fiction has been nominated for an Aurora Award and received honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. Bound for Evil (Tom English), Bluffs (Lawrence Steven), Stardust (Julie E. Czerneda) and Northern Haunts (Tim Deal) are anthologies that include Mark’s fiction. A collection of previously published stories One Hand Screaming was released in 2004 and in 2006 Mark edited the sci-fi anthology North of Infinity II. Mark’s work has recently appeared in Champagne Shivers and Black Ink Horror, and is forthcoming in Necrotic Tissue and the Clonepod podcast.

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