I Remember When

The air conditioner hummed a steady drone. Inside Joshua’s head the monotonous buzz tortured his mind. He wanted to scream. Joshua realized it was his own hesitation to speak that left the room deafly silent and magnified the irritating noise. He stared at Dr. Hutchinson deeply, as if looking inside the doctor for answers.

“I...I remember when,” Joshua started, “I pushed Lucy off the balcony. I remember her cry of terror as she plummeted down to the unforgiving pavement below. I remember hearing her bones crunch on impact.”

Dr. Hutchinson nervously adjusted his bow tie.

“I remember when,” Joshua continued, “we first got married. And how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress. I remember when Josh Jr. was born and me and Lucy thought we were the perfect family. I remember when...”

“Ahem, ah, excuse me Joshua.” Dr. Hutchinson interrupted a bit apprehensive. “You do understand that I am obliged by law to report any crimes such as murder. I mean morally...”

“No doctor you don’t understand” Joshua jumped up on his feet. He took a couple of deep breaths and sat back down. In a calmer fashion he said. “What you don’t understand is that tomorrow I am marrying Lucy.”


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