The Shadow Out of Time

Howard V. Brown illustrated H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Out of Time” for its 1936 Amazing Stories publication.

The story tells one man’s brush with the Great Race of Yith, an extraterrestrial species with the ability to travel through space and time.

Eventually, I reached a level floor strewn with fallen blocks, shapeless fragments of stone, and sand and detritus of every kind. On either side—perhaps thirty feet apart—rose massive walls culminating in huge groinings. That they were carved I could just discern, but the nature of the carvings was beyond my perception.

What held me the most was the vaulting overhead. The beam from my torch could not reach the roof, but the lower parts of the monstrous arches stood out distinctly. And so perfect was their identity with what I had seen in countless dreams of the elder world, that I trembled actively for the first time.

Behind and high above, a faint luminous blur told of the distant moonlit world outside. Some vague shred of caution warned me that I should not let it out of my sight, lest I have no guide for my return.


Editor’s Corner

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