Everybody Wants One

The trend began with the Snuggie; the first generation blankerobes. There were several knockoffs when the Huggle brand flooded the market. Cheaper with a newer/better material, everyone had to have one. Let me tell you as an employee of Dark Designs, the parent company of Huggle Inc, I should not be divulging this information.

The first case we mistook for a crank-caller. His name was Joseph Frank. He bought his wife a huggle in raspberry, a nice shade of magenta. Our test markets showed that women over fifty loved magenta. Anyway, Christmas day he gave his wife, fifty-seven year-old Anne, the huggle. Two days later she disappeared.

The police could find no trace of Mrs. Frank; she had just vanished into thin air. There was one oddity that should have caught our attention. Along with her raspberry huggle there was also a teal one. Our intern who took the initial complaint was new to the company and did not realize that we did not have a teal huggle.

From that moment on calls flooded our eight-hundred number, and our email server crashed with the volume of emails that flooded the inbox. All of the complaints were regarding missing people. Why we didn’t understand what was going on at first, I don’t know. When my boss complained to upper-management, the CEO sent him a cerulean huggle. Later, in his office we found a brand-new salmon huggle. He hasn’t been heard from since; the trouble is we don’t have a salmon huggle yet, either.

Now I’m frightened, fifty-thousand people vanish, and no one knows. Trust me it’s not on the news, not yet. Dark Designs has kept the lid on this. They keep sending out more free huggles to placate angry customers. The marketing department is doing an amazing job of pushing the huggle. Everywhere you look, huggles are being advertised. You can find them in discount stores, big box stores, retail chains... Huggles are everywhere and everybody wants one.


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