Happy Face

Paste on your happy face
hurry now so they won’t see
never let them know
no no no
never let your true thoughts
or feelings show through
that happy socially
acceptable mask
hide away
tears and fears
hopes and dreams
suffocate on your screams
and never let them see
all those things that make you you
clean out that inner clutter
and shoo the bats from your belfry…
or maybe lock them up
in a steamer trunk
in a dark secret corner
of your tainted mind and
take them out one at a time
like childhood animal crackers
to nibble at an ear
a foot
a head
until each is gone
fulfilling and enriching
your madness
so hidden
so painful
so dangerous
put on your happy face
never let them know you don’t fit in that
pre-designated space
they laid out for you
keep smiling
and eating your bats
feeding that darkness
that is yours alone
that which
makes you
undeniably you.


Editor’s Corner


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