Stranger Things . . .

I woke up this morning the sky was still black,
For the sun had forgotten to rise.
And a blue moon shone over the cows coming home
As a squealing pink piglet flew by.

The newspaper headline said “Hell Freezes Over:
The Devil Comes Down with a Cold.”
And out on the street a square peg rolled on by
Till he tripped and fell in a round hole.

And on down the road a fat lady was singing
A nonsense song older than dirt.
Old Man Jack took his net and reached out for the stars
And then cooked them up for his dessert.

So I sat on my front porch to watch the green dawn
Spreading light o’er the rosy gold grass,
And the little dog quacked at a passing white duck,
Who then promptly turned round and barked back.


Editor’s Corner

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