Stranger Things . . .

I woke up this morning the sky was still black,
For the sun had forgotten to rise.
And a blue moon shone over the cows coming home
As a squealing pink piglet flew by.

The newspaper headline said “Hell Freezes Over:
The Devil Comes Down with a Cold.”
And out on the street a square peg rolled on by
Till he tripped and fell in a round hole.

And on down the road a fat lady was singing
A nonsense song older than dirt.
Old Man Jack took his net and reached out for the stars
And then cooked them up for his dessert.

So I sat on my front porch to watch the green dawn
Spreading light o’er the rosy gold grass,
And the little dog quacked at a passing white duck,
Who then promptly turned round and barked back.


Gwyn Raven has been writing fiction and poetry since she was eight. After obtaining a combined MA in English and Masters of Library Science in South Carolina, she went to work as an academic librarian in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she currently lives with six cats and two snakes who provide her with plenty of writing inspiration.

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