I was Framed

My soul is worth a thousand words, because that’s what they say a picture is worth. Trust me; it’s more than a cliché, because a fifty dollar Polaroid robbed me of mine. I’m now an un-aging conscious image—imprisoned in a wooden frame on the dresser of my wife’s soulless facade.

Her soul lives in the digital frame on the nightstand. Sometimes when the maid speeds through the room, she puts us back wrong, and we can gaze at each other across the bed. I’m praying hard to be digitized so we can share the Web forever.


David Siegel Bernstein  David Siegel Bernstein's website lives within the shadow of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. To support his writing addiction, and excessively extravagant lifestyle, he consults as a forensic statistician. He has been published in numerous print and online magazines. His non-literary projects include: Re-inventing the wheel, the Sisyphus relief project, referring to himself in the third person (as THE David, lest fools confuse him with the other one).

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