Uprising of Hot Dogs and Sausages

“Painting is the window to the world of the artist, who has an opportunity to create things that are impossible in the real world. My world is the world of the metamorphosis and paradox, which are reality for me and this reality I materialize in my works. I like to be surprised , I like to surprise myself. My belief is that creativity should inspire creativity.”

“The consumer world is on the verge of insanity. People here are merely the source material for sausages and hot-dogs which are actually meant to be consumed by people themselves. The absurdity came to the point where we are fighting with ourselves and consume each other.”


Sergey Tyukanov  Sergey Tyukanov's website was born 17 of May 1955, Poronaisk, Sakhalin Region, Russia. In 1981 he graduated Khabarovsk Teacher’s Training Institute, Artist Graphic Department - Master’s Degree. He took part in more than 200 international exhibitions, has international awards, prizes, medals for his art works. He works in Chicago and St. Petersburg. WORKS IN CORPORATE AND PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Bewick Museum of Engraving, UK; Bristol Museum, UK; Frederikshavn Museum of Ex Libris, Denmark; Graphic Cabinet of English Engraver’s Society; International Institute of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art, Kaliningrad, Russia; Kaliningrad State Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia; Malbork Castle Museum, Malborg, Poland; Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Chicago, Mazereal Center Ministry of Culture, Casterlee; Belgium, Museum Ex Libris, Moscow, Russia; Museum of World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia; Portland Art Museum-Gilkey Center for the Graphic Art, Oregon, USA; Raisio State Library, Finland; Riga’s Art Museum, Riga, Latvia; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK; Cabinet of Drawing and Prints, Pisa, Italy; Museum of Fine Art, Okinawa, Japan.

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