20 Minutes of Oxygen

If I had the brains, here’s what I’d do:
Build a time door and visit my youth
This cigar burn is for effect
In the future you won’t forget
When you’re trapped
In that airtight room
Flick the red switch but not the blue.

So, if you remember me
That would be the rip-cord
In my destiny.

I know how it sounds
Trust me on this
Your life to be hangs
On this one choice
Keep your Hilti near,
You’ll know when
Twenty minutes of oxygen.

So, if you remember
If you remember me
That could be the rip-cord in my destiny.

If I had the brains, that’s what I’d do
Build that time door and
Poke my head through
It’s too late now and I’m still dumb
Twenty minutes of oxygen.

No, you won’t remember
You won’t remember me
There’ll be no rip-cord in my destiny.


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