The Floating Man’s Failed Dinner Party

Apprehensive, she shifted in her chair, inspecting the man standing before the mirror. He told his cynical dinner guests his revelation. Our dimension was like the mirror, physical movement confined within a frame. In the other dimension, motion was not restricted by immutable laws. He said he discovered how to live in both worlds. Concerned he learned the truth, she asked for proof. He made no grand gesture or uttered a special phrase. Instead, his body stiffened and levitated. His hand touched the popcorn ceiling, protecting his head. Pushing off, he returned to the floor. They were silent until someone at the end of the table asked to be taught. He tried to explain his dimensional breakthrough was accidental and dangerous for others to attempt. They grumbled; cynicism renewed. She left the party confident the floating man’s failure ensured the continued concealment of her dimension.


Editor’s Corner

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