The Math Song

“Your facts! Your figures! What are they worth now, huh?
Are they worth the lives of 7 billion people?”

Y equals X over 5
5 to the power of Z (?)
Z (?) is the square root of 3
3 is the number for me
I said

X by the tangent of N
N minus pi over 10
That equals negative 9
Negative 9 is so fine

You’ve got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

N is the product of V
V and the cosine of 3
Cube that and add 44
And not an integer more

V equals 1 through the sum
The sum of 101
And 83 over 5
What is the value of Y?

You’ve got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

You’ve got a brain
Yeah I heard you’ve got it


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